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Our Associations

British Marine has 11 regional and 16 group associations, focused on particular geographical areas of the UK and sector specific interests. All of our associations sit within the British Marine Family Tree.

British Marine South networking 3Members automatically gain membership to one regional association upon joining British Marine, plus one group association that best represents their specific interests. Some of our members belong to several additional relevant group associations when that is in keeping with their business activities.

All associations offer a number of networking opportunities during the year where members can meet each other to share knowledge and best practice, as well as to collectively work to safeguard and grow marine business within their region or sector.

Each association has a committee made up of British Marine members – this forms the essential conduit between members and British Marine, ensuring that the needs of sectors and regions are well understood by the core team. It's a structure that has served us well for the more than 100 years of our existence.

To understand more about the work of each of our individual associations, please click on the logos below to access the relevant sections. If you are a member and wish to get involved in an association committee, please log in and read the further information on this page.

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