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Technology and Innovation

As part of British Marines role in representing the industry, we take part in a number of stakeholder groups supporting technology and innovation in the marine industry and stimulating technology transfer across sectors.

Composite Leadership Forum

The Composites Leadership Forum (CLF) is working to influence the Government and other bodies (including Industry, research centres, academia, skills provider) to bring together support for composites and ensure growth and industrial success for the UK.

Fully supported by BEIS, the CLF is chaired by industry with members drawn from industry sector groups, Government and stakeholders and delivery partners.

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MaritimeUK Technology and Innovation Group

The Technology and Innovation Group (TIG) is an open forum for discussing technology advances and to identify and help shape investment opportunities to aid their implementation for the benefit of the entire UK maritime industry. The TIG brings together industry, academia, government and customer to support the sector and is the ‘owner’ of the UK Marine Industries Technology Roadmap 2015.

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British Marine is a Partner Organisation to SeaBioComp, a collaborative project with the aim to develop and produce novel bio-based thermoplastic composite materials and the analytical protocols to evaluate long-term durability and reduced ecological impact on the marine environment.

SeaBioComp aims to develop and produce novel bio-based composite materials to replace conventional oil-based products in the maritime industry. The project will produce analytical protocols to evaluate the long-term durability and reduced ecological impact on the maritime environment

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Implementation of Ship Hybridisation (ISHY)

British Marine is an Observer member of the Implementation of Ship Hybridisation project. ISHY is studying the development, testing and validation of technical tools and socio-economic models (business cases) for the implementation of hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technologies in vessels and ports, and realising the development and the demonstration of the feasibility of these technologies by retrofitting different types of existing vessels,

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Motorsports to Marine

British Marine and the Motorsports Industry Association have teamed up to provide cross sector knowledge transfer and collaboration opportunities, the partnership has been running since 2019 and has provided members of both associations with new opportunities to showcase companies, capabilities and network. See below for reports on our events:

Successful start to cross industry innovation for British Marine members

The motorsports industry invites the marine industry to Autosport International