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Technical Representation - British Marine

We are committed to supporting the British Marine Industry.


Technology is changing at a rapid pace and influencing all walks of life. It also offers potential solutions to future challenges. We must discover and create opportunities for members to ride a wave of innovation, so that they can break past the norm, match consumer expectations and stay ahead of new legislative demands, Building on the UK marine industry’s worldwide reputation for excellence in design and technology.


British Marine’s comprehensive engagement with domestic and international organisations is of critical importance to members and has provided us with an invaluable network and a means of forecasting changes in time to members to plan for them.


Similarly, we have a long track record of contributing to government and stakeholder working groups, working for the future of the industry, removing barriers and conflicts, and making legislation simple and future proof, hoping to make trading in the marine industry as easy as is possible.


Join British Marine.

This work really does cover the breadth of the industry. Not only do we act as the representatives of industry in a number of forums but in the last few years we have delivered successful campaigns on:

  • The implementation of the Recreational Craft Regulations (RCR) 
  • The creation of the IPV code for recreational craft in temporary commercial use.
  • The grandfathering changes to Class V passenger vessels
  • Managing the implementation of the Hire Boat Code

But when one campaign ends, another one begins.


We are working on issues which affect companies right across the industry and throughout the marine supply chain. All of this work relies on one thing - You, the member. Without your involvement and guidance, we can’t make these strong cases and get you and your industry the outcomes or recognition you need or deserve. Further details on the current campaigns we are working on are available in this section. We would welcome your involvement, so if you have any comments or if you would like to get involved, please contact a member of the technical team.


Workboat Code 

British Marine worked on the development of Workboat Code 3 prior to its public consultation, encouraging the MCA to accept Notified Body Certification of Hull Structures, and the utilisation of TC188 Small Craft Standards within the code, simplifying and streamlining manufacturing for our commercial sector boatbuilders. 


Sport and Pleasure Code

British Marine is currently engaged with the MCA on the development of the new Sport and Pleasure Code, strongly advocating for clearer and more complete alignment with the requirements of the EU RCD and UK RCR regulations. 


Merchant Shipping Act Changes 

DfT consultation on changes to the Merchant Shipping Acts, clearly defining what is considered a navigable vessel and the ability of regulators to better enforce existing regulations on vessel use. 



Multiple consultations on Decarbonising the Marine Sector. Advocating for a clear, long term transition away from carbon based fuels. British Marine is pushing for greater government awareness of the challenges facing the industry and a clear roadmap with government support. 


Port Marine Safety Code 

How does the PMSC affect Marinas and what do they need to do to ensure compliance, British Marine is working with the MCA to clearly define the responsibilities of Marinas under this Code of Practice.