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The Northern Ireland Executive has announced the reopening of the tourism sector. Caravan parks, camping sites and self-catering tourist accommodation can all now reopen. Hotels and visitor attractions can also reopen, providing they follow the advice issued by the Executive.   


The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has published a dedicated ‘route map’ outlining the next steps for the people of Scotland. The country is now entering the third phase of its plan. 

The reopening of the tourism sector has been conditionally brought forward. Now, overnight stays in self-catering accommodation and second homes which do not have shared facilities are permitted. Households can also travel more than five miles as the advice on staying local has been relaxed.  The Government has also published guidance for the retail, tourism and hospitality sectors. 

Whilst two metres remains the default social distancing position, there are some scenarios where one metre may be used, provided other risk mitigation measures are followed. Outdoor hospitality, indoor hospitality and retail are listed as eligible exemptions that can adopt the one metre requirement, provided they take additional precautions. More information on the additional risk mitigation measures which should be followed can be found here.


The Welsh Government has announced updated guidance for Wales. The guidance now permits non-essential retail to open. The advice on staying local has been dropped and sections of the tourism industry have been allowed to re-open. Self-contained accommodation without shared facilities can reopen.

On 15 May the Welsh Government published its exit strategy ‘Unlocking our society and economy: continuing the conversation’. The exit strategy outlines the traffic-light system that will be used for the phasing and lifting of further restrictions across Wales. 

We are following the situation closely in the Devolved Administrations and would encourage our members to check back regularly for updates. 

In related sections we have answered some of your frequently asked questions about the support available to businesses in the Devolved Administrations. This is to help you understand what support is UK-wide and which measures are restricted.