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The Northern Ireland Executive has eased more restrictions on movement and social interactions.

On 12 May the Executive published its plan for recovery which outlines that steps that will be taken across six different sectors – this includes, but is not limited to work, travel, and sport, culture and leisure activities. For each sector, steps one and two are those that will be taken first, whereas steps four and five, which have less restrictions attached to them, will be taken at a later date once the transmission rate has reduced.

The plan does not provide specific dates for the easing of subsequent restrictions, however groups of up to six people are now permitted to meet outdoors – provided the guidelines around social distancing are followed.

British Marine has written to NILGA (the body which represents local authorities in Northern Ireland) regarding the eligibility criteria for the Hospitality, Tourism and Retail grants. More information on the support available in Northern Ireland can be found here


The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has published a dedicated ‘route map’ outlining the next steps for the people of Scotland. 

It is expected that following the review on 28 May, the First Minister will announce an easing of restrictions to allow more outdoor activities to take place and, in doing so, introduce similar measures to those recently announced in England. The map sets out what people can expect and the order in which restrictions will be eased. This ranges from the lockdown phase, through to Phase 4 where Covid-19 is no longer a significant issue across Scotland. 

In April, the Scottish Government published its so-called exit strategy ‘COVID-19: A Framework for Decision Making’ which outlined the factors that would be considered as part of any easing of restrictions. This strategy was clear that social distancing measures would be required for some time under a ‘new normal’. 

British Marine Scotland has written to Members of the Scottish Parliament to address the advice which has been issued on water-based activities and has been in contact with COSLA (the body which represents local authorities in Scotland) regarding the eligibility criteria for the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure grants. More information on the support available in Scotland can be found here


On 30 May the First Minister made a further announcement on the restrictions in place across Wales. 

British Marine understands that individuals which have vessels docked in a local marina which is within 5 miles of their home should now be able to access and use the marina, provided the marina operators feel it is safe and appropriate for them to do so. Further information can be found here.

On 15 May the Welsh Government published its exit strategy ‘Unlocking our society and economy: continuing the conversation’. The exit strategy outlines the traffic-light system that will be used for the phasing and lifting of restrictions across Wales. 

The phasing begins with the country moving immediately into the red phase and slowly, based on progress through to the amber and green phases with more restrictions being lifted with each transition. 

British Marine understands that these phases are not exhaustive and further specific details are being developed in conjunction with businesses, trade unions and local authorities. The exit strategy does not provide specific dates for the easing of restrictions, however people in Wales can go outdoors and exercise more than once a day following some modest changes to the restrictions. 

The Welsh Government has also set out its ‘Test, Trace, Protect Strategy’ strategy which is designed to prevent a second wave of the virus in the country.

We are following the situation closely in the Devolved Administrations and would encourage our members to check back regularly for updates. 

In related sections we have answered some of your frequently asked questions about the support available to businesses in the Devolved Administrations. This is to help you understand what support is UK-wide and which measures are restricted.