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British Marine works on a number of campaigns to promote and protect the interests of boating. Here are some of our most significant ongoing initiatives:

On The Water is our main campaign to encourage greater participation in boating of all types, from small craft to large yachts and motor yachts and from canals, rivers and lakes to coastal and oceans. Our campaigning portal provides a focus for this activity and signposts to events that take place around the UK each year – please visit the website for more information.

Look for the Logo raises awareness of the 1600 British Marine member companies that adhere to our Code of Practice and encourages the public and trade buyers to have confidence in making their purchases with anyone displaying the British Marine logo. Please read about why it is best to buy from a British Marine member here.

The Green Blue promotes environmental best practice among boat users, marine businesses and sailing clubs to reduce their impact on coastal and inland waters. And by doing that, to proactively stay one step ahead of legislation and the public's growing desire for responsible use of resources. You can access much rel="noopener noreferrer" really useful advice by visiting The Green Blue here.

Our two major boat shows, the London Boat Show and the Southampton Boat Show, also provide major opportunities to promote the marine industry to the wider world and between them, draw in a significant number of existing and prospective boating participants each year.

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