Representation and Promotion

For more than 100 years British Marine’s most important role has been to represent its members and the UK marine industry Representation & Promotion

British Marine exists to promote, support and protect the UK's leisure, small commercial and superyacht industries to key audiences. This is achieved through marketing campaigns, both to raise the profile of members and also to encourage the public to enjoy boating and watersports activities. It is also achieved through British Marine effectively highlighting the marine industry to the highest levels of Government.

British Marine Centenary Walter Hammerton at his ferry in TwickenhamOne of British Marine's very first actions was to support Walter Hammerton's rights to operate a ferry on the River Thames at Twickenham, in a case that went to the House of Lords back in 1915. We're proud not only that the case was won then, but also that the company is still operating a ferry there and remains in membership. There have been countless instances since when we have represented the rights of individual marine businesses and whole sectors, to ensure that our collective voice is heard and members' rights are preserved.

All of this work relies on one thing - You, the member. Without your involvement and guidance we cannot make these strong cases and get your business and your industry the outcomes or recognition you need or deserve. 

A good way to get more involved is to actively participate in our associations and by becoming a member of an association committee. Our Technical team is also keen to involve members that have expertise in specialist fields for which standards might be changing, or negotiations required to ensure we always have realistic and appropriate technical legislation for our industry.

Further details on the current campaigns we are working on are available in this section – you can start by looking at the menu to the right. We welcome your involvement and will assist you to find the right areas to make your valuable contribution, so please do not hesitate to contact the Membership team directly on 01784 223663 or email us at

Check out the tabs below to find out who we engage with and how we do it.

Policy Makers

The Minister for Transport and British Marine CEO Howard Pridding on the MCA stand at the Southampton Boat ShowBritish Marine works with policy makers across UK Government Departments, in parliament, industry regulators, European and global government bodies and national marine trade associations to highlight the industry's successes and ensure legislation is appropriate and cost effective for the UK's marine industry. 

This work is supported through a range of activities, including parliamentary receptions in the Palace of Westminster; MP visits to member companies; VIP tours at our Boat Shows; submissions to government and parliamentary consultations and working with wider international governmental processes. 

British Marine also plays an active role with international governments as a member of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations - ICOMIA - to ensure that the marine industry has a single representative voice in all key markets around the globe.

Find out more about industry campaigns > 

Strategic Partners

Maritime UK LogoBritish Marine has long-standing connection with a number of marine and national industry partners to develop and deliver policy which meets the needs of the membership, the wider marine industry and UK businesses as a whole. Together, we deliver stronger representation for UK businesses. This work also provides the opportunity for British Marine members and our associations collectively to get involved with related sectors and bodies that influence our future.

Since March 2016 British Marine has been an active member of Maritime UK, a body representing the £22bn-plus of annual economic activity in the UK maritime sector. This has strengthened our existing links with Government, parliament and many marine industry bodies and together we are working to deliver the key objectives of the collaborative Maritime Growth Study, to ensure that the requirements of the maritime industry in the UK are well represented in the future.

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Look for the LogoThe British Marine brand provides a mark of confidence indicating that all displaying it have agreed to adhere to our Code of Practice. British Marine invests significant resources into promoting its members through the Look for the Logo campaign.

In addition, British Marine works to promote boating to new audiences through its On The Water initiative and there are may ways that members can get involved by providing content, showcasing their businesses and offering prizes and experiences on the water. 

British Marine and its members also own the London Boat Show and Southampton Boat Show – both number among the top 10 boat shows globally and provide key opportunities to promote to existing and prospective boating participants and to raise the profile of the marine industry more widely. 


ITV website coverage of the Southampton Boat ShowBritish Marine has a dedicated PR team and engages agency specialists to ensure that the profile of the industry is enhanced in the boating, lifestyle, regional and national press. 

We work with television, radio, print, web and social media to ensure our messages reach the widest possible audience. Important focal points each year include the London Boat Show and Southampton Boat Show which provide excellent opportunities to raise awareness of boating to a wide audience.

Our PR team keep its fingers on the pulse of what is happening and also distributes a weekly email newsletter. We also specialise in social media and have around 100 channels covering our various activities, gathering feedback from those we engage with.

Check our News section to see the latest press releases from British Marine and our members.

Representation and Promotion Benefits
2017 Marina Conference

The bi-annual Marina Conference for marina professionals.

Become a Committee Member

Each Association under British Marine is run by a Committee made up of individual members.

Boat Safety Scheme

The Boat Safety Scheme, or BSS, is a public safety initiative owned by the Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency. Its purpose is to help minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, or pollution harming visitors to the inland waterways, the waterways' workforce and any other users.


British Marine will represent its members and the wider marine industry to Government during the forthcoming Brexit negotiations and transition period and be on hand to keep members updated and to advise them on how their businesses may be affected.

British Marine Boating VISA Card

British Marine's official Credit Card offers great value with attractive rates and additional benefits to cardholders, including exclusive offers.

Commercial Vessels on Inland Waterways and Domestic Waters

Commercial Vessels on Inland Waterways and Domestic Waters

Commercial Vessels Operating at Sea

Read about the Rules and Regulations applicable to Offshore commercial craft


Each Association under British Marine is run by a Committee made up of individual members.

Communicating with Members - British Marine

British Marine endeavours to ensure that its members benefit from up-to-date information on services, developments, consultations, grants opportunities, technical, legal and tax changes and Boat Shows, to name just some of the many areas covered.

Consumer Campaigns

British Marine promotes boating participation by its On The Water initiative, environmentally friendly boating through The Green Blue and the benefits of buying from British Marine members through its Look for the Logo.


British Marine’s Environment & Boating Facilities service offers the best environment and planning advice to the trade.

Hotel Boats

Hotel Boats

ICOMIA and the IMO

British Marine is a member of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), which holds a consultative seat at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). ICOMIA has a representative who attends IMO meetings on our behalf and reports on issues which will potentially affect the leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industries.

ICOMIA Half Year Trends Report 2016 (July-December)

ICOMIA’s Half Year Trends Report provides a snapshot overview of the economic performance of national marine industries across the globe for the past 6 months - 1 July 2016 to 31 December 2016 - compared to the same period of the previous year - 1 July 2015 to 31 December 2015. Although no quantifiable data is gathered; the survey acts as a barometer to indicate recent economic trends in the global recreational boating industry as well as the general outlook for the coming year. This publication is an exclusive member benefit and is only available to full members of British Marine.

ICOMIA Quarterly Economic Statistics 2016 (Q1-4)

ICOMIA’s Quarterly Economic Statistics Report 2016 (Q1-4) provides valuable information on economic development in over 45 countries across the world, including: inflation rates, economic growth, car registrations/sales, consumer confidence, producer price index and the Big Mac Index.

ICOMIA Quarterly Economic Statistics 2016 (Q2)

ICOMIA’s Quarterly Economic Statistics Report 2016 (Q2) provides valuable information on economic development in over 45 countries across the world, including: inflation rates, economic growth, car registrations/sales, consumer confidence, producer price index and the Big Mac Index.

Industry Campaigns - British Marine

British Marine's primary function is to tackle cross-industry issues on behalf of our membership and the wider industry, bringing a collective position to government and regulators. This work involves creating policy and proposals, working with members, civil servants and other industry bodies, to develop and deliver regulation that supports and benefits the industry, as well as making our presence known when required, to ensure our collective voice is heard.

Inland Hire Boats

Inland Hire Boats

Intermediate Marina Managers Course - Dubai

This four-day course is designed to provide marina personnel in a leadership position with fast-track training in the critical issues in marinas.

Intermediate Marina Managers Course UK

This four-day course is designed to provide marina personnel in a leadership position with fast-track training in the critical issues in marinas.

International Shows

British Marine create and facilitate attendance at numerous oversea marine shows and events for its members. The International Development team are constantly monitoring target countries and emerging markets for business opportunities and the potential in assisting and supporting our members in exhibiting overseas.

International Standards Development - British Marine

ISO publishes standards on a vast range of subjects, including small craft (under 24m by ISO/TC188) and large yachts (over 24m by ISO/TC8/SC12). British Marine represents the marine industry at each of these standards committees and the many working groups that fall under the control of the principal committees.

Knowledge Centre

The British Marine Knowledge centre comprises of useful articles and information to help its members in the Marine industry concerning Technical Issues, Legal and Finance, Environmental and Facilities Issues, Training, Statistics and Market Research, International Development, Marketing, External Relations and Business Support.

Latest Technical News

Latest Technical News from the British Marine Technical Team as a benefit to their members. British Marine members are able to comment on current industry consultations. British Marine members come from around 4,200 businesses in today's UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine markets.

Look for the Logo

Look for the Logo is a campaign that highlights the key benefits of engaging with British Marine's 1600 members when buying a boat or any marine-related service or product.

Marina Operatives Course

The Marina Operatives Course is a modular programme, specifically designed with the requirements of a modern marina in mind. It will enable your staff members to train in all areas of the business whilst on-the-job.

Marina Workboat Guidance

Marina Workboat Guidance - Guidance for Vessels operated as marina workboats within a marina, dock or similarly enclosed or partially enclosed premises, or for occasional trips in support of the operation of the business in those premises within the local area but not proceeding to sea.

Marketing Promotion - British Marine

British Marine has a multidiscipline team focused on the promotion of boating and its members, covering marketing, PR and online.

Mediation Information

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes. In mediation, parties are helped by an independent third party, the mediator, to reach an agreement with which they are happy and resolve their dispute. A good mediator is a skilled, experienced and imaginative problem solver who will be very much involved in the process of reaching a solution.

On The Water

On The Water promotes the products and services of British Marine members and encourage the public to get started in boating and watersports.

Personal Development

British Marine has developed personal development accreditations to benchmark individuals within the industry to meet rigorous industry standards promoting professionalism and standardisation.

RCD Awareness

Designed to increase and expand your knowledge of how to meet the requirements of the RCD, and assist your ability to comply to this important directive.

Recreational Craft Directive

The Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) is a trade-enabling European New Approach Directive which sets minimum requirements of a boat which guarantee its suitability for sale and use within the European Union.

Selling Skills for the Marine Industry

Whatever your background, if your job involves selling, then the 'Selling Skills for the Marine Industry' will help you maximise your effectiveness in this crucial area.

Social Media

British Marine is pleased to offer a full day of Social Media training in August. The day will be split into two sessions and delegates can either attend the morning or afternoon session or they can attend both.

Supporting the Industry

Find out how British Marine supports the UK marine industry. British Marine members are able to comment on current industry consultations. British Marine members come from around 4,200 businesses in today's UK leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine markets. The turnover of those markets is worth £2.855 billion. Register to find out the latest news from the leisure marine industry.

Technical Library

Useful links to publications, reports and other essential industry information.

Technical Reports

British Marine providing industry guidance with the Technical Report, including manufacturing and environment updates.

Technical Representation - British Marine

The British Marine Technical team supplies advice and marine technical documentation, key technical committee representation and assistance on everything from general health and safety to the RCD, ISO standards and technical regulations.

Technical Support

As the membership organisation for the leisure, superyacht and small commercial Marine Industry, British Marine knows how important it is to get the details right, first time.

The Future of Red Diesel - British Marine

British Marine continues to actively support the case for red diesel to be available for UK leisure boating and is working with Government to support the case. Our red diesel campaign page includes latest news, a downloadable guide and key contact information.

The Green Blue

The Green Blue project is an innovative environmental awareness programme founded by British Marine and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). Its primary purpose is to enable boat users, marine businesses and sailing clubs to reduce their impact on our coastal and inland waters.

The Law Relating to Brokerage and Boat Retailers

Brokers and boat retailers typically have responsibility for ensuring that the legal framework surrounding the sale and purchase of small craft is fit for purpose and for conducting the transaction successfully within this framework.

The Marina and Moorings Market in the UK 2017

This marina and moorings report provides key economic indicators for the UK‘s marinas and moorings market and is published to enhance knowledge of the sector and provide an aid to business planning for marina operators.

Training Courses

British Marine training is passionate about the development and progression of the UK marine industry. From career prospects to recruitment to training grants and training courses, we are here to assist and advise.

UK Leisure Boat Manufacturing 2017

This leisure boat manufacturing report provides key economic indicators for the UK‘s boat manufacturing sector and is published to enhance knowledge of the sector and provide an aid to business planning for marine businesses.

UK Marina and Berth Assessment 2016

This one-page report provides an overview of the number of marinas and associated berths in the UK. Results are provided at a total and regional level, by inland and coastal areas.

UK Navigation Authorities

UK Navigation Authorities

VAT for Brokers

This workshop is designed to go into detailed up to date information on VAT issues that brokers face and includes the latest updates and legislation covering this important area.

Vessel Trial Guidance

Guidance for vessels undergoing trials - pleasure vessels while they are in the possession of a broker, ship repairer or other such person for the purpose of their business.

Watersports Participation 2016 - Full Report

This annual report commissioned by British Marine, Royal Yachting Association (RYA), Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), British Canoeing (BC) and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) details participation and ownership for 12 boating activities in 2016 and reports trends over fourteen years. This report also includes return of wider water-based leisure activities. The full report provides more detailed trends since 2002 and results to a wider set of questions. This includes trends in demographics, frequency and home / abroad participation and location of residence, and also presents coastal/inland and seasonal activity, household boat ownership, charter/hire, and more.

Web marketing tips - British Marine

The Marketing, Public Relations and Online departments can help you make your product and brand more visible in the marketplace, whether through British Marine or British Marine Boat Shows.

Welcome Afloat

A Welcome to Excellence programme for the Boating Sector

Working with Members - British Marine

British Marine specialises in supporting individual member marine businesses with local councils, regulators, navigation authorities and regulators.

Working with other organisations

British Marine is a member of several important business groups, that each bring together organisations from right across the UK to create a stronger voice to engage Government, regulators and Parliament for support and change. Our memberships include the Confederation of British Industries (CBI), Maritime UK, the Tourism Alliance and the Seabed User Development Group (SUDG).

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