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Each Association under British Marine has its own Committee. The role of the committee is to primarily be the direct link between the overall membership and British Marine.

Within each Committee they discuss and highlight key topics that directly affect the association and any matters of British Marine, such as:British Marine South networking 2

  • Events: To ensure sufficient networking opportunities for members, it is up to the committee to decide upon when/where and the best ways in which to reach its members. Take every opportunity to attend as a committee member

  • Council: Each Chairman of the Association will attend the British Marine Council meetings at which topics raised through the associations are brought forward for the attention of Council.

  • State of the Industry / Association Activity report: The Chairman will ask the committee to report on any problems/issues each company are currently facing to get a better understanding for each sector/region (including items raised by other members).

  • Membership Retention: Retention of our current members is vital to keeping the associations active. Ensuring our members are aware of what is available to them is an important aspect that the committee can pass on through various means, such as newsletters, face to face meetings with members and by passing on any concerns to the membership team.

  • Membership Recruitment: British Marine asks that committee members assist with actively recruiting current non-members by passing on leads, and creating relationships with the British Marine in order for them to take action to actively bring companies into membership.

  • Yearly Business Plan: The Committee is responsible for creating and implementing a yearly business plan to meet the needs of the association membership. The Business Plan will include details of future events, membership recruitment goals and any projects they want to undertake in the following membership year.

  • Membership Applications: All membership applications once approved by British Marine checks are sent through to their specific associations, including region and group associations. The role of a Committee member is to highlight any cause for concern or specific information with regards to an application that may give reason to not accept the application.

Any British Marine member can join their region or group association committee, so if you would like to have more of a voice in your association, contact your association secretary about joining the committee, and visit our Become a Committee Member page.

Find out more

  • Log in to MyBritishMarine and visit the committee pages of your region and associations to find out who is currently on each committee
  • Contact your association secretary about your interest in joining the committee