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Arkwright Scholarships Trust

arkwrightThe Arkwright Scholarships Trust is an independent UK-wide charity that nurtures future leaders in engineering across all industries. The charity is already supported by the Royal Navy and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation and is now seeking support from small craft boat and equipment manufacturers in order to expand the experiences it can offer to its 800 sixth form students across the UK. Can you help?

Arkwright’s purpose is to ensure that more of the country’s ‘brightest and best’ science and maths students remain focused on an engineering path over the 16 to 18 age range - the critical years when teenage dreams and aspirations translate into firm tertiary education choices and career plans. The charity fully supports both higher apprentice and undergraduate career paths.

It achieves its purpose by awarding prestigious scholarships through rigorous selection to outstanding technology-minded school students. Candidates must pass a selection process comprising a detailed application form with teacher’s reference, a two-hour engineering problem-solving exam and an engineering-focussed interview. The scholarships provide engineering enrichment, funding and experience throughout the two years of the scholars’ A levels, BTEC level 3s or Scottish Advanced Highers.

Arkwright is a small charity with no financial endowment, so every one of the 400 scholarships it awards each year is funded by a sponsoring organisation. Sponsoring organisations also provide mentoring, site visits and/or work experience for their students. Can your company join the diverse group of over 150 different organisations that fund their own Arkwright engineering scholarships?

Each scholarship requires an investment of just £2,200 (i.e. £1,100 per year for two years). Sponsoring organisations gain access to the entire group of 800 sixth form students, 985 (and growing) affiliated secondary schools (>200,000  students aged 11 top 18) and >3500 scholarship alumni aged 19 to 42, many of who are currently undergoing higher apprentice training or undergraduate degree studies.

To explore the opportunity, please speak to Steve Kay at [email protected] or 01926 333210.