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Apprenticeships are work-based training and development programmes designed around the needs of employers.

Apprenticeships offer a range of business benefits to employers:

  • They can help grow your business by tackling skill shortages and developing the skilled workers needed for the future.
  • They provide an effective way of attracting enthusiastic new talent.
  • They can be an effective way of developing existing staff moving into new occupational roles.
  • They can support innovation and aid company expansion.    
  • Government funding is available to train and develop apprentices, this funding will vary according to the type of apprenticeship scheme being delivered.

Apprenticeships are a devolved policy, with each of the UK nations setting apprenticeship rules and managing their own apprenticeship schemes. 

Apprenticeships in England are undergoing reforms, which include changes to the apprenticeship schemes and to apprenticeship funding. 

British Marine is committed to promoting the growth of marine apprenticeships in order to sustain and improve the level of competency in the industry.  In doing this British Marine is supporting a number of marine employer groups that are developing the new Apprenticeship Standards, as part of the ongoing Government apprenticeship reforms in England.  The British Marine training team are also involved in supporting work in some of the devolved nations. 

To find out more about the work of the employer groups and the new marine apprenticeship standards click on the 'New Marine Apprenticeship Standards' tab.