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The leisure marine industry has experienced challenging times following the wake of the global financial crisis and the subsequent recessions and slow and patchy recovery of the UK economy. Like much of western Europe, real wages and disposable incomes have declined significantly in the UK. This has had a knock on effect on the resources available to spend on leisure pursuits and therefore the vitality of the marine industry. However, this has also had an impact on the ability of the industry to attract and retain the talent needed to help the industry prosper in the long-term.

This marine labour market analysis is the first dedicated research conducted by British Marine into the dynamics of the UK’s leisure marine workforce, and seeks to provide baseline data on marine employment, remuneration, skills and training to aid both industry’s and the Government’s understanding of leisure marine employment, and the challenges it faces, in the context of the wider UK post-recession labour market.

The data used in this report is drawn from quantitative surveys and in-depth interviews with over 400 companies and 600 employees from across the industry, as well as data drawn from British Marine’s annual economic research covering over 4,000 industry businesses. In addition, secondary external sources were used to provide a wider context to the state of the marine labour market, utilising data published by the Office for National Statistics, the CIPD and a number of other industry and public sector agencies.


To download the 2016 UK marine Labour Market report click here >