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Boating Tourism Research

Boating tourism, covering inland boat hire, coastal charter, passenger boat trips, sailing and watersports tuition and rental, and marinas and moorings, accounts for nearly 20% of UK marine industry revenue (2014/15). British Marine's latest research helps to provide tourism businesses and related organisations with key market data on the scope, value and market trends across these key marine sectors.

Key Performance Indicators for the Leisure Marine, Superyacht and Small Commercial Marine Industry

British Marine's Key Performance Indicators research provides key economic indicators for boating tourism sub-sectors, covering revenue, employment and gross value added to UK GDP. The full report can be downloaded here. Boating tourism sub-sectors featured in the report include:

  • Inland Boat Hire;
  • Passenger Boats;
  • Sea/Coastal Charter;
  • Watersports Rental;
  • Sailing Schools/Training;
  • Coastal Marinas/Moorings; and
  • Inland Marinas/Moorings

Marine Industry Trends

The latest marine industry trends reports provide key economic indicators for individual boating tourism sectors, covering changes in revenue and profit, business performance over the previous 6 months, current market sentiment and future prospects, and qualitative feedback on market obstacles and opportunities. The full report can be downloaded here.

The Economic Benefits of UK Boating Tourism (2014)

This report provides an assessment of the size, importance and economic contribution of boating-related tourism in the UK, including the expenditure of boaters on the water. The full report can be downloaded here

The Domestic Boating Tourism Market in Great Britain (2015)

This short report produced in collaboration with Visit England complements the Economic Benefits of UK Boating Tourism report. This report provides headline statistics for the volume and value of domestic holidays in Great Britain (looking at England, Scotland and Wales only) that involved a boating or Watersports activity. The full report can be downloaded here.The holiday activities featured in the report include:

  • Canal/Boat Trips;
  • Sailing/Yachting;
  • Motorised Watersports (including jet skis);
  • Non-Motorised Watersports (including canoeing, windsurfing and other manual watersports); and
  • General Sightseeing Trips (including passenger boat trips)

Marinas and Moorings Studies

British Marine publishes statistics on marina and moorings capacity and occupancy through regular surveys of its marina members.

UK Marina and Berth Assessment (2013)

This one-page report provides a thorough assessment of the number of marinas and berths available in the UK. Results are provided at a total and regional level, by inland and coastal area. The full report can be downloaded here.

UK Marina Supply and Demand Survey (2013)

Between 19 February and 8 March 2013, British Marine conducted a survey of its marina businesses to get a snapshot of supply and demand for marina berths in the UK. Results are available by sector, region and navigational authority. The full report can be downloaded here.