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Boat Manufacturing

With its importance to the health of the industry, accounting for 24% of industry revenue directly whilst supporting business activity down the industry's production and service supply chain, statistics on British boat manufacturing are a key part of British Marine’s market research service and are provided across a number of regular reports produced by British Marine, as well as research produced in conjunction with our strategic partners. The majority of these reports are produced exclusively for members of British Marine. 

Key Performance Indicators for the Leisure Marine, Superyacht and Small Commercial Marine Industry 

British Marine's Key Performance Indicators for the Leisure, Superyacht and Small Commercial Marine Industry report provides key economic indicators for different boat manufacturing segments, covering revenue, employment and gross value added to UK GDP. The full report can be downloaded here.

Marine Industry Trends

The latest marine industry trends report provides key economic indicators for boat manufacturing, covering changes over the previous 6 months across a range of KPIs, including but not limited to market outlook among boatbuilders, business activity and future orders, revenue, profit and operating costs in the sector, and manufacturing workforce growth. The report also provides qualitative insight on trading conditions across key marine sectors and markets. The latest Marine Industry Trends report can be downloaded here.

Leisure Boat Manufacturing

Each year British Marine commissions research from leading industry consultants to produce detailed statistics on recreational boat manufacturing in the UK, with these production estimates based on interviews with key UK boat manufacturers. The report produced from these interviews provides data on boat production broken down by key power category and size, which is complemented by economic data sourced from British Marine's other research reports (above). British Marine's annual UK Leisure Boat Manufacturing report can be downloaded here.

ICOMIA Recreational Boating Industry Statistics

Additional data on UK boat production and the international trade in leisure boats can also be found in ICOMIA’s Recreational Boating Industry Statistics publication, which provides detailed statistics on the global leisure marine industry, covering over 25 key national markets. ICOMIA's annual statistics publication is the foremost source for market intelligence on the global boating industry and provides data covering global boat, engines and equipment production, domestic retail sales, and import and export sales, broken down by key boat and engine market segments. ICOMIA's latest Recreational Boating Industry Statistics publication can be downloaded here.