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CMP Certified Marina Professional

Hull Marina

Certification for those working in the Marina Industry but not directly managing a Marina

Benefits of becoming a CMP

  • Greater earning potential
  • More employment opportunities
  • Career advancement
  • Job satisfaction and ability
  • Networking
  • International professional recognition

Certification Requirements

  • A minimum of 7 years managerial experience with the last five years up until the time of the application being within marina affiliated industries – attach CV

  • Be an active member of a marine related membership organisation
  • Have completed the Advanced Marina Managers Course within the last 2 years
  • Have 3 letters of reference from current employer, previous employer/client and a CMP/CMM

CMP Application Form

Application for Certified Marina Professional (CMP) Status from Certified Marina Manager (CMM)

Certified Marina Managers, at the conclusion of 10 years of management, are invited to apply for Certified Marina Professional status.

To apply for this CMP status applicants must fulfil the following criteria:

  • 10 years or more experience in management or leadership roles within the marina affiliated industries.
  • Be able to demonstrate professional/technical experience and skills related to the marina industries

CMP Application Form via CMM Reference

Marina Industry Involvement Form - Attachment A

CMP Reference Letter

Tony Browne CMM, Chairman of the GMI: The Certified Marina Professional accreditation employs a rigorous set of criteria and a robust application process that ensures candidates have met the high standards required. This results in a very credible accreditation which is immediately recognisable across the industry, providing enhanced employment and career progression opportunities.

The IMM and AMM courses as a lead up to the CMP application not only deliver a fundamental global overview of marina management best practice, but also open the door to invaluable peer to peer networking opportunities.

I would strongly encourage anyone looking at furthering their career to start the process by reading the relevant material and enrolling in an IMM course.

For further information, please contact Liv Whetmore on 01784 223631 or