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British Marine’s Marine Careers Ambassador Programme promotes and highlights the leisure marine, small commercial and Superyacht industry as a career pathway for young people.

British Marine members have highlighted the need for attracting more young people into the industry and this scheme is designed to help encourage young people to consider a career working in leisure marine companies.

Who is the Marine Career Ambassador Programme for?

The Ambassador programme promotes marine careers to young people and those interested in a career change. Schools, youth groups or other local community groups can request an ambassador to explain and highlight the opportunities in Leisure Marine Careers.

How does the Ambassador Programme work?

A Marine Careers Ambassador from within the local industry will attend local schools, youth groups, local community groups including careers fairs as requested to explain and promote the career options available in the leisure marine industry as a whole and the options available and companies in that locality.

Key Messages:

  • The Marine Industry is of vital economic importance to the UK and accounts for £2.905 billion total industry revenue and provides a range of exciting and varied careers paths
  • There are education and training programmes for a variety of different roles within the Marine Industry, including Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Degrees.
  • There is the opportunity to gain valuable experience early on in your career, with good salary prospects
  • For some roles within the sector, for instance Superyacht, there are travel opportunities, with the chance to travel the world as part of your job, at your employer’s expense
  • There is a varied range of professional occupations ashore, as well as on the water
  •  A great opportunity to be part of an ever evolving and exciting industry

  • Highlight the marine job cards and videos and powerpoint
How can you get involved?
Contact Liv Whetmore for further information on how to become an ambassador at