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The Green Blue Business Directory

With the Environment having an ever higher profile at both at a national and global level it is essential that the Marine Industry plays a leading part in protecting the marine world. Not only to comply with legislative requirements but also to ensure a long-term future for business growth and development.

British Marine members are taking the lead in many areas, and this online directory is a resource providing member products and services that have been designed and developed to help the recreational boating sector minimise its environmental impacts.

To add your product or service to the directory please go to the Green Blue website and complete the online form. Green Blue Business Directory – The Green Blue

The Marine Environmental Facilities Map

The Marine Environmental Facilities Map is an online tool for boaters to use to locate UK marinas, harbours and boatyards providing a selection of environmental services such as:

Black Water Pump Out
Black Water/Elsan Disposal
Hazardous Waste Disposal (Oily Waste, Batteries, Paint etc)
Filtered/Bunded Boat Washdown System (captures and filters contaminated water residue)
Freshwater Refill Points

To add your facility to this map please go to the Green Blue website and sign up. Marine Environmental Facilities Map – The Green Blue

Environmental Legal Register

The purpose of a legal register is to record all environmental legislation that may be directly or indirectly applicable to the operations and activities of a marina / boatyard / manufacturer.

Available here: Guides and Documents – The Green Blue

Sustainable Event Toolkit

This toolkit is aimed at boating events such as races and regattas at water-based venues.

It give event organisers a comprehensive overview of how to run a sustainable boating event. Each section of the toolkit explores how to reduce the footprint of your event, for example by reducing energy consumption, water use or by increasing recycling.

Available here: Guides and Documents – The Green Blue

Awareness Raising Toolkits

The Green Blue has developed a variety of awareness raising resources to use on social media, your website, in newsletters or emails and even to display around your premises to support and share your environmental objectives and awareness with your customers. These resources include:

Info Graphics - A variety of sustainable boating top tip graphics that can be embedded into your newsletters, emails and social media throughout the year to raise awareness and encourage environmental best practice amongst members, customers, staff and fellow boaters.

Green Guides to Boating - These written guide leaflets provide sustainable boating best practice for boaters:
The Green Guide to Coastal Boating
The Green Guide to Inland Boating
The Green Wildlife Guide for Boaters
Display them at your premises for members and customers to pick up or send them out in membership/berth holder packs or digitally in your next newsletter.

Posters - A selection of posters for both inland and coastal boating that can be physically displayed around your premises or posted on your website and social media.

Video Guides - These short video clips help raise awareness of key environmental issues and the good practice boaters can adopt. Designed to be embedded into your website pages, posted on your social media or played on any display screens you may have on your premises or at events.

These toolkits are available here: Awareness Raising Toolkit – The Green Blue