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Commercial Vessels on Inland Waterways and Domestic Waters

Vessels engaged in commercial operations on inland waterways may find that they are required to comply with one or more requirements. Please note that due to the complex and rapidly changing landscape of the industry this list should not be considered exhaustive.

It is considered that the majority of inland waterway (IW) non-passenger vessels in the UK carry out low-risk operations, and no substantive evidence has arisen that such vessels present a significant risk to safety or the environment. IW non-passenger vessels in the UK are therefore subject only to limited statutory technical requirements.The main ones are those relating to the carriage of life saving appliances and fire fighting equipment.

Benefits of Membership

The British Marine Technical Department can offer guidance and advice in all aspects of the running of Commercial Inland Waterways Vessels. 

A copy of the High Speed Passenger Vessel (HSPV) Voluntary Code of Practice can be downloaded here