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Our industry has evolved and grown naturally over the years without us really understanding how and why. Social change and dramatic changes to the world around us is happening without us understanding the impact it’s having on our industry whilst other leisure industries have a far greater understanding of the market and how to reach and motive their target markets.

We do however have some useful data which, combined with other sources, can and does provide us with valuable insights. Recognising this British Marine have conducted a number of pieces of research that can and is helping members to adapt their businesses to the ever changing marketplace.

Value of research

Over recent years the consumer possibilities for leisure time activities have grown exponentially, this combined with social change means that retaining and attracting new customers is becoming more and more complex. A way to better understand the needs and wants of consumers and the impact of our work is through research. With the enhanced understanding that research brings we can ensure that the boating experiences we offer and the marketing we use connects with today's consumers.

How research can help