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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a basic legal query. Is there someone I can call for quick and free advice?

A: British Marine provides a free 24-hour legal helpline, through our partner Epoq. To access details, log in and visit the Legal Helpline section. 

  • I have a legal dispute and need to consult with lawyers who have knowledge of the marine industry. Do British Marine know of any suitable firms?

There are currently over 15 British Marine member companies who practice in the marine law field, who maybe able to advise you. Visit our Marine Lawyer Referral Scheme for contact details.

  • I have some queries relating to employment issues in my business. Is there somewhere I can get advice and guidance?

Visit the legal services page and enter the web based manual. Here you will find employment information, supporting checklists and guidance covering recruitment through to dismissal, including recruitment & selection, disciplinary procedures & dismissals, and absence & sickness policies.

  • I need a standard contract for selling a boat. Can British Marine provide such a document?

Yes, British Marine have a range of template agreements available, together with a guidance note explaining which is the most suitable agreement to use in the circumstances. To download copies, go to Contracts & Guidance Notes and login.

  • I am currently having a dispute with one of my customers. Do I have to go to Court in order to settle the dispute?

No, there are a number of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods that can be used before or instead of taking the dispute through the courts. One of these methods is Mediation which British Marine promotes through the independent Academy of Experts. Mediation is a quicker and cheaper method of settling disputes but does not preclude your right to use the courts should a settlement not be reached. For further information, visit the Dispute Resolution page.