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British Marine provides Health and Safety guidance on a wide range of topics.


Health and Safety Guide for Members

As part of its services to members, British Marine have for many years provided a general health and safety manual which gave guidance on a very wide range of health and safety topics.

Health and Safety Guide - Boat Building and Repairs

British Marine members in the boat building and repair sectors represent a broad range of company sizes, products and services. This business area frequently requires skills in a number of areas, and achieving good health and safety standards, and the business benefits they bring in the most economical way can be a challenge, particularly for the smaller companies.

Health and Safety Guide - Boat Use at Work

A wide range of British Marine members use boats in the course of their businesses. This use can be a relatively small part of the businesses activities, or the principal activity such as with a sailing school. Small or large, the use of boats of any type requires careful consideration of safety, particularly when members of the public are involved. There is a complex quantity of legislation governing boats and their use which businesses have to be aware of and respond to.

Health and Safety Guide - Marinas and Boatyards

Marinas and boatyards present a particularly challenging and complex environment for putting in place safety management arrangements which fulfill legal, moral and business needs without being unduly complicated, restrictive to marina users’ activities or expensive.

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