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Corporate Foreign Currency Exchange

commercial benefitsIf your business is regularly working with foreign currency then you could make a significant saving through the new service, provided in partnership with British Marine's official currency partner - Foenix Partners. 

How the Service works

This partnership enables British Marine members to profit from some key benefits. Each member or exhibitor would be able to take advantage of a dedicated sales trader, actively delivering market information and pricing, as well as discussions to help customers understand and manage the currency risks facing their business. This approach routinely saves clients up to 3% when directly compared to banks and other providers.

The core service provides sharp pricing and smooth settlement on currency conversion and international payments.

Exclusive to the Foenix approach is receiving a consistent contact point in the form of a dedicated sales trader, getting free access to our market research and being provided with bespoke risk management guidance in line with your currency needs.

Foenix Services

Foenix Partners

About Foenix Partners

Foenix Partners is an award winning non-banking provider of foreign exchange conversion and risk management services. Foenix Partners is based around market expertise, pro-active customer service, bespoke risk management & transparent fixed pricing, and they routinely save clients up to 3% when compared against the bank and other providers. 

How to use this Service

In order to use this service please contact Foenix Partners directly. Full details can be found on their website at