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A “crisis” is a disruptive and/or unexpected event which threatens to negatively affect a business’ probability, reputation or ability to operate. For example, a serious incident on the water or in the workplace, server misconduct within a business and harmful cyberattacks on a company.

In the unlikely event of a crisis, any member can immediately access the expertise and support of British Marine through its Crisis Management Support service.

All crises – whether they last from a few hours to several days or longer – require decisions to be made quickly to limit the damage to a business, its stakeholders, the public and industry and British Marine can help you do this.

The team can provide direction on staffing, resources and communications with its seven-day dedicated PR & Communications crisis support commencing from the day of the incident, as well as additional expertise in areas including technical support as and when required.

  • PR & Communications support can include:
  • Draft holding statement
  • Advise on messaging to staff, stakeholders and customers 
  • Advise on immediate operation of business
  • Advise on media enquiries
  • Review of website
  • Review of social media
  • Brief for spokespeople

Though we can effectively support businesses after the crisis has occurred, we would always persuade members that preparation is key. Our ‘5 Top Tips to Prepare for a Crisis’ provide some simple steps and procedures you can put in place to ensure that you and your team are prepared should an incident occur.  

In addition, our ‘Crisis Management Checklist’ and ‘Holding Statement Template’ are just some other online resources available to members to make sure that should the worst happen, you can act immediately and effectively.

How to get support?

During office hours, call the British Marine Member Hotline on 01784 223663.

Out of office hours, contact Lesley Robinson, CEO, 07767 884 399.