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Benefits and Services

British Marine Conference PortsmouthBritish Marine is a one-stop solution to grow your business, save cost and develop best practice. Around 1,600 companies in the leisure, superyacht and small commercial sectors enjoy the advantages of membership. This enables them to improve trading and drive new opportunities in their markets.

Our team provides advice, specialist training, best practice templates, networking and one of the world’s top 10 boat shows. British Marine members are briefed on changes to law and practice, while we strongly lobby for appropriate support and legislation at all levels.

British Marine membership also offers free access to 28 regional and group associations headed by committees comprising more than 200 highly experienced members that provide focus for specific interests.

Benefits are delivered in four core areas:


We also organise our comprehensive marine industry resources by Sector and via a Knowledge Zone section that questions of specific interest to your marine business.

To download our 'Benefits for your Business' document containing some of British Marine's key member benefits, please click here

To gain the full benefit of this site and to access our team of specialists you need to join us as a member. For information email our membership team or call us on 01784 473377 for an informal chat. We'll ask about your business and explain how our service to you is completely customised to your needs.

If your company belongs to British Marine but cannot view the comprehensive information available in our member only areas, then please login, request a new password or register. If you cannot gain access then do of course email our membership team or call on 01784 473377 to obtain assistance.

British Marine actively supports boatbuilders, yacht designers, refit yards, boat agents and brokers, hire and charter companies and boat and engine suppliers and engineering companies, to marine equipment manufacturers retailers and distributors, marina operators, finance, legal and insurance firms and other marine specialists.

Visit the directory of British Marine members to see the strength and breadth of companies that lead our marine industry across the leisure marine, superyacht and small commercial marine sectors.


We additionally organise our comprehensive marine industry resources such as Publications by Sector and via a Knowledge Centre section that features topics of specific interest to your marine business. The site has been tailored to serve items most likely to be of interest to your business, but you can also use the navigation links and site search (top right) to explore any area. 

If your have any issues at all with using this site, or believe that we are not highlighting the correct information to you easily,  then please email our membership team or call on 01784 473377 to obtain assistance – we'll be pleased to assist.