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Marine retail and Brokerage


Marine Retail and Boat Brokerage Guidance on the Governments Road Map

On the 22nd of February the UK government published its roadmap with key dates for the easing and ultimately ending restrictions placed on businesses and consumers due to COVID-19. The key dates for retail, brokerage and surveyors are shown below but are subject to change as the government reviews data between each stage:


12th April – non-essential retail can start trading again with full COVID secure protocols in place. This includes chandleries and brokerage. When brokers or surveyors are meeting clients this should  be in open air where possible and in line with the rule of six/2 households. Brokers and surveyors should avoid being in the cabins or enclosed spaces with their clients. Sea trials and 'test drives' are only permissible on open boats (this means over 50% open to the air). Trials on cabin/enclosed vessels not allowed.


17th May – Relaxation on surveyors and brokers meeting clients, they can now show clients around the vessel’s accommodation in line with their COVID secure protocols. Sea trails now permissible on both open and enclosed vessels with COVID secure protocols in place.


21st June *Now Delayed until 19th July*– All restrictions lifted, COVID secure protocols no longer need to be followed.