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Key dates for manufacturing and the governments 'Road Map'

On the 22nd of February the UK government published its roadmap with key dates for the easing and ultimately ending restrictions placed on businesses and consumers due to COVID-19. Although manufacturing has not had to close during any of the lockdowns the roadmap still has some key dates for the manufacturing sector (these dates are subject to the Governments reviews between each stage):

29th March – Travel restrictions on the general public are eased allowing clients to visit yards with social distancing in place. Sea Trials/acceptance trails with clients can commence again although this should be on open vessels only. The rule of six/2 households should be followed (the skipper and crew do not count as part of the rule of 6). Full COVID secure protocols should be applied including social distancing and enhanced cleaning regimes (as set out by this document).

17th May – Sea trials and acceptance trials can now commence on both open and enclosed vessels with the rule of six/2 households in place and full COVID secure protocols in place.

21st June *Now Delayed Until 19th July*– All restrictions lifted, COVID secure protocols both in the factory and for sea trials can be dropped.