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Perkins marine launches two new auxiliary engines

Published on: 28 September 2023


Perkins marine is set to launch its new Perkins® E44 and E70B auxiliary engines for use  on inland waterways, tugs, governmental, fishing and ferry services.

The new Perkins® E44, an electronic 4.4 litre, 4-cylinder engine and the evolved E70B offer a broad  range of power ratings and factory configurable power solutions to meet boat operators auxiliary  power needs.  

Perkins engineers put your needs first  

“Our customers require more, and we are here to meet their expectations,” comments Ben Lewis, sales  support manager at Perkins marine engines. The electronic engines are highly engineered and durable  as Perkins understands that high engine uptime is a priority. “Customers in need of auxiliary power with a high-power density without compromising fuel efficiency or additional noise, need to look no further.”  

The E44 and the larger, more powerful E70B come with a 500-hour interval service and with low maintenance features. A self-priming fuel system, no zinc anodes, automatic valve lash adjustment and self-tensioning belts translate into exceptional uptime. All Perkins engines are supported by a  dedicated global distributor network offering timely assistance and genuine parts whenever you need them.  

Targeting end users including generator set packagers and hybrid propulsion packers in the workboat,  inland waterways, tug, and large yacht/superyacht sector, customers can choose from multiple cooling  options, depending on the application, repower and ease of integration. All engines are designed and  assembled in the UK using the highest quality parts, offering our customers a competitively priced  engine and spare parts.  

With space onboard at a premium, the engines are compact in their design and simple to install with  easy plug and play features for a complete turnkey solution. They also offer easy access to service  points and factory configuration is available. The new E44 and E70B are scheduled for release in  quarter 4, 2023. 

The technical bit  

E44 ratings
71 bkW (95 bhp) to 108 bkW (145 bhp) at 1500 rpm  
71 bkW (95 bhp) to 129 bkW (173 bhp) at 1800 rpm  

E70B ratings  
109 bkW (146 bhp) to 163 bkW (218 bhp) at 1500 rpm fixed speed  
128 bkW (171 bhp) to 216 bkW (289 bhp) at 1800 rpm fixed speed  
129 bkW (173 bhp) to 186 bkW (249 bhp) at 2400 rpm variable speed  

The E70B meets IMO II, U.S. EPA T3 and EU V emissions standards on ratings below 130 bkW, whilst the E44 meets U.S. EPA T3 and EU V – falling below the minimum requirement for IMO certification.  Both platforms are available with full MCS approval on request.  

Together, we power ahead

You can see the new E44 on the Perkins marine stand 03.303 at the Marine Equipment Trade Show,  Amsterdam from November 15-17, 2023.