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British Marine South West launches new training grant scheme

Published on: 28 September 2023

British Marine statement 333

The board of British Marine South West takes great pleasure in announcing the inauguration of an exclusive Training Grant Fund, meticulously designed to provide invaluable assistance to our members in realising their training aspirations for the ongoing year.


We are thrilled to extend this opportunity to every member within our association, reaffirming our commitment to the professional growth and development of our community. A detailed criteria has been outlined in the accompanying application form, ensuring a streamlined process for application.


At its core, this fund has been established to empower businesses in cultivating the skill sets of their workforce. Whether it be the pursuit of work-centric qualifications or enrolment in courses designed to foster personal and professional evolution. We firmly believe that by investing in the enhancement of knowledge and competencies, individuals will not only flourish within their respective roles but also contribute to the overall advancement of the marine industry.


Hayley Harris, chair of British Marine South West, explains: “The board has been working hard behind the scenes looking at ways to offer real benefit to members in key areas of business. This is the first of new initiatives we hope to launch and we are really keen to hear from members about new ideas.”


To apply for a grant just complete this form