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British Marines technical team participates in the rewrite of the Sport and Pleasure Code

Published on: 12 October 2023


British Marine has, as an industry stakeholder, recently been participating in the MCA’s closed working group on the development of the new Sport and Pleasure Code, strongly advocating for clearer and more complete alignment with the requirements of the EU RCD and UK RCR regulations. 

The Sport and Pleasure Code is the National Code of Practice for small recreational commercial vessels operating at sea, covering a range of operations, from bareboat and skippered charter vessels to recreational dive operations, and seagoing fishing and tour vessels with fewer than 12 passengers. 

This has culminated in a final face to face meeting held last week with the MCA and other industry stakeholders.

The next steps are for the MCA to finalise the draft of the new code before going out to industry for full consultation, at which point British Marine will work with its members to explain the changes and put forward a consolidated industry response to the consultation. British Marine strongly recommends its affected members to carefully consider the new draft and respond individually as well as through British Marine. The MCA currently expects the draft new code and consultation to be released around December/January.

For more information contact the technical team via [email protected]