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British Marine and Superyacht UK welcomes new member: Communications Specialist Ltd

Published on: 26 October 2023

Communications Specialists

With the marine industry being relevant to its area of expertise, Communications Specialist Ltd is one of the latest members to join British Marine and Superyacht UK.

Founded more than 35 years ago, a British company with a global and personal touch. With every sailor, boater and crew having a marine radio, Communications Specialist (Comms-Spec) provides the most advanced and efficient radio communication technology, allowing Marine Crews to work together to ensure smooth operations on board Superyachts, boats and ships.

Radio communication in the marine industry is vital for providing instant communication, which allows management and crew to work together in order to take care of passengers throughout their cruise, and quickly solve any emerging operational issues.

Comms-Spec offers inherent benefits to all its members: Excellent yacht crew management requires a cohesive and communicative team that leaves a lasting impression on passengers. A vital aspect of this is implementing the right marine technology or crew radio system to ease communications. With so many moving parts, from Captain Deck (including Bridge), Interior, Steward/ess, Deckhand, Engineering departments to Galley staff, passengers won’t have the best experience possible if your crew isn’t working in complete synchronicity behind the scenes.

Balancing passengers’ needs and delegating emerging roles is made much more efficient with the correct use of marine radio technology, which empowers teams with coordination, cohesion and speed. Radio technology has diversified in the past few years, and there are now far more ways that radio functionalities can ensure the smooth operation of boats and yachts. Comms-Spec offers an extensive range of high-quality radios, with a large range of features.

Radio technology has diversified exponentially, and it can provide members with an update on the latest radio tech, at the same time depicting far more ways that radio functionalities can ensure improved and smoother cruising and sailing operations.

Comms-Spec is based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Forming part of its membership with British Marine and Superyacht UK, it can extend an exclusive proposal to provide a full survey and provide members with a comprehensive report. This will outline the state of current marine communications infrastructure, as well as any future needs. It can provide a range of suggestions for improvement, from essential needs to optional upgrades - all cost-effective, and with minimal disruption.

Results from a recent survey conducted in the hospitality and marine industry highlight the importance of providing instant and more efficient communication, allowing staff to work together more effectively in order to take care of guests and passengers throughout their stay or cruise, and quickly solve emerging issues.

Commenting on Comms-Spec, captain Nicholas Pearson, from the luxury sailing yacht ‘Unplugged’ said: “It is always a pleasure working with Comms-Spec. Every time we contact them with a problem or a request, the team goes out of its way to find a solution. It is a huge relief to know the person on the end of the line is going to do everything they can to help you out.  

“We use the radios all day every day. With high-net-worth individuals on-board paying for the best service discretion is a high priority and with that the radios and earpiece allow us to communicate every message with minimal noise and disruption to the guests. It allows us to anticipate and prepare for any need or wish, as well as allowing the basic functions of running the boat to go infinitely more efficiently. Without the use of radios on-board it would be a much noisier and far more stressful environment.”

Communications Specialists capabilities include: 

  • Operate globally: Within 53 countries, across 6 continents. 
  • Excess Inventory: Carry large amounts of stock (marine radios and equipment) for fast customer fulfilment.
  • Expertise: Provide full turn-key solutions: From supply, install, to system commissioning.
  • Systems integration: Protocols/interfaces conventional PMR, Tetra, with telephony, GSM, VOIP
  • Equipment Hire

Projects include:

  • Marine: Boats, Ships and Superyacht Crew 
  • High-Value Retail Outlets
  • UHNW Family Security
  • Hospitality: 5-Star Hotel, Resorts
  • Comprehensive Security Solutions
  • Top Country Estates
  • Prestigious Events: Sport, Cycling Races

For contact information visit the Communications Specialists Find a member page.