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Wave International displays filter systems suitable for all types of vessels at METSTRADE Stand 03.403

Published on: 09 November 2023


Wave International will be displaying its range of Wavestream bilge filtration systems on Stand 03.403 at METSTRADE for leisure boaters who do not want to pollute the waters they enjoy. 

Designed for superyacht, workboats, commercial passenger vessels and ships, as well as the responsible and environmentally aware, the range of compact Wavestream Systems are suitable for leisure sail and motorboats, canal and river boats – through to the commercially endorsed Wave MiniBOSS certified for legislated use. All Wave International’s systems feature highly technical filters which ensure that no trace of oil, microfibres or microplastics or any other pollutants are pumped overboard from the bilge water.

Just one drop of oil or fuel in water creates a visible blue water sheen which can spread for up to 6 metres and equates to around 25 parts per million (ppm). MARPOL’s legal limit for emissions is set at 15ppm, and this reduces to just 5ppm in specially protected areas. Wave’s highly sophisticated filter technology removes pollutants down to 5ppm and 10 microns.

Users can choose the appropriate model of Wave system to suit their size of vessel, use and also to meet any legislative requirements. For larger and commercial vessels, the Wave MiniBOSS is approved by the IMO, ABS and US Coast Guard, and is MEPC 107 (49) certified to continually remove and monitor oil in water levels.

For a system of this complexity, its compact and easy-to-install design means that the MiniBOSS is now often used on smaller vessels such as workboats, navy and commercial vessels, fishing boats and superyachts.

The Wave MiniBOSS comes in 24v DC 110v and 240v AC with a maximum flow rate of 0.45M³/hr; The system’s oil water monitor indicates when the filters require replacing and logs a history of bilge operations. The alarmed control panel will always ensure that no pollutants are ever accidentally discharged overboard.

The compact Wavestream bilge filter system comprises replaceable filter cartridges in a range of housings depending on the type and size of craft. They are fitted as standard by many manufacturers including Sunseeker, Oyster Yachts and Mangusta. Many boat owners, keen to ensure no pollutants are pumped overboard from their bilges, retrofit Wavestreams, which can be easily installed in line between the bilge pump and outlet.

The filters are designed to last for at least a season, depending on use, and are simple to replace. Many boaters carry spare filters with them, used filters can be responsibly and safely disposed of at marinas and boat yards.

Wavestream filters also meet the recently updated Endorsed Recommendation for Use (ERFU#94) regarding the use of inline bilge filters that relates to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD/EU) and Recreational Craft Regulations (RCR/UK). It states the “fitting of a filter in the bilge pump discharge line with an oil output of no more than 15ppm which is interchangeable with a 5ppm filter in case of inland waterway use.” The new ISO 15083:2020 in part states this requirement endorsed by the ERFU.

Sales, service, support and replacement filters are available worldwide through Wave International’s network of distributors. More information about Wave International products can be found at