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UK REACH - Mandatory Diisocyanate Training

Published on: 16 August 2023


A reminder that training in the use of diisocyanate must be completed by 24 August 2023.

The UK Government has put in force a new restriction on the use of products containing more than 0.1 percent of monomeric diisocyanates. These new rules will also apply to products such as polyurethane adhesives, sealants and foams used in industrial production and boat building and repair work. DIY users are not affected by this law.

Beginning on August 24, 2023, any user of diisocyanate with a concentration over 0.1 percent - either the staff of the user or self-employed people - must complete and document the completion of the training. If you do not comply with this obligatory training, you will no longer be allowed to work with diisocyanates.

The training level depends on the risk of exposure (no risk/ low risk/ increased risk):


General Training is required for ALL industrial and professional uses


Intermediate level Training is required for:

  • Handling open mixtures at ambient temperature (including foam spraying in a ventilated booth
  • Application by roller, by brush or by dipping and pouring
  • Mechanical post treatment (e.g., cutting) of not fully cured articles which are not warm anymore
  • Cleaning and waste treatment

Advanced Training is required for:

  • Handling incompletely cured articles (e.g., freshly cured, still warm)
  • Foundry applications
  • Maintenance and repair that needs access to equipment
  • Open handling of warm or hot formulations (> 45° C)
  • Spraying in open air, with limited or only natural ventilation (includes large industry working halls) and spraying with high energy (e.g., foams, elastomers)

An industry consortium has developed a training platform, providing the training material in various ways:

  • Web based training (individual E learning)
  • Classroom training
  • Virtual classroom training


For all information about diisocyanates and their safe use, REACH restriction, training overview and the PU Exchange Panel, please consult this website: diisocyanates-reach#joint-industry-effort