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Boat Buyer’s Guide launched by Promarine Finance

Published on: 19 May 2022

Promarine Boat Buyer's Guide

Leading marine finance lender, Promarine Finance has launched a Boat Buyer’s Guide to aid customers through the boat buying process.

“We’ve always been very proud of guiding customers through the boat buying journey and essentially hand-holding every step of the way, but we thought a complete guide to boat ownership wasn’t really available and serves to answer lots of questions we know potential boat owners have,” said Stuart Austin, director at Promarine. “The Guide really allows customers to make informed choices about all aspects of boat buying and we hope will make them more confident in their boat buying journey.”

The Boat Buyer’s Guide assists potential buyers from the very early stages of researching boats to buy, through to making a purchase and enjoying life as a boat owner. Promarine has enlisted the expertise of industry peers and experts when compiling the Guide including Anita Chapman from West London Boat Brokerage, Andy Whillier from Clipper Marine, Chris Manners from TBS Boats, Richard Bates from Bates Wharf Marine Sales and Paul Finney from Boats and Yachts Warranty.

The Guide offers six chapters which take potential buyers through the various stages of becoming a boat owner, ensuring they have all the information they need. 

Chapter one goes through the basics you need to know before buying a boat, such as identifying the right boat for your budget to the different avenues involved in boat ownership including surveys, insurance and storage information.

Chapter two takes you through all the documentation a customer needs when buying a boat and becoming an owner. This includes available surveys as well as certificates which will be required. The third chapter brings customers some top tips on setting up viewings, test drives and price negotiation.

Chapter four goes through the boat buying process in detail ensuring you’re aware of the surveys you’ll need to conduct, insurance, mooring and storage considerations and finance options. In the next chapter, the Guide highlights other things to consider such as the process of buying a boat abroad, buying second-hand, types of equipment you might need and the ongoing maintenance costs of running a boat.

The final chapter brings you tips on how to get the most out of being a boat owner, getting out onto the water, events to attend, improving boat skills and lots of useful resources.

“We’ve had some great initial feedback on the Guide and hope it proves useful for those only just starting their buying journey or for those who are underway in their search,” said Stuart.

To view the Promarine Boat Buyer’s Guide click here.

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