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Rules of Origin grace period to end

Published on: 18 November 2021


From 1 January 2022 businesses will have to demonstrate that they are compliant with the new UK - EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement rules and be able to prove the origin of their products.


Until now there has been a grace period where a statement of origin has been sufficient and the TCA rules have not been strictly enforced. Whilst this has helped to make the EU exit transition smoother, it may have led to a false sense of security for many exporters, who have not yet been challenged on proving origin. From next year this will change, and all exporters will need to ensure that they hold the required proof in order to continue to benefit from tariff-free trade. This equally applies to UK and EU exporters.


We would like to ensure all UK exporters are aware of the end of this grace period and ensure that the documentation is ready should it be needed. 


If you need help in this area please contact