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Introducing The Green Blue Business Directory

Published on: 25 November 2021


Do you have an environmental product or service? Then as a BM member you can promote it for FREE on the Green Blue Business Directory!

You may have heard of The Green Blue, the joint environmental awareness programme between British Marine and the Royal Yachting Association, but have you visited The Green Blue website?

The site hosts a handy online Business Directory which has a list of products and services, from British Marine members, which have been designed to help the recreational boating sector minimise its environmental impacts. 

The Directory is currently promoting a range of products from companies which are designing products with the environment in mind, including the Marlow Ropes’ Blue Ocean range, which boasts a mix of bio-based Dyneema® ropes and ropes made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles.

The Green Blue Business Directory is designed to enable boat users to make informed choices and to be able to find sustainable products and services, at the click of a button. This month, The Green Blue is also celebrating its 28th addition to the Directory; AQUA superPower is the first fully marinised dockside network of fast chargers for electric boats, each one of their stations provides AC and DC charging with a current maximum power output of 150 kW.

Other products from British Marine members include the Halyard bilge filter from its Wavestream range, promoting an efficient way of managing bilge water removal without the need for holding tanks - the filter separates out the oil and grease that is contaminating the water before it goes overboard. 

The Directory also provides links to several boat engine businesses supporting the electrifying needs of boaters, including, Barrus, Cheetah Marine, EPropulsion, Marlec, Off Grid Happy and RS Electric Boats.

If your business is a British Marine member and has a sustainable product or service which you would like promoted to recreational boaters, then get in touch via email: and complete this online Application Form.

You can also find and support The Green Blue on social media by following @TheGreenBlue on Facebook and Twitter, and @the_green_blue on Instagram.

For information on how your business can become more sustainable and help to raise awareness amongst your customers, visit The Green Blue website at