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[Member News] Pontoon & Dock Marine Group sign-up to the nonprofit charity: Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Published on: 27 May 2021


The Pontoon and Dock (P&D) Marine Group has signed up to the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup campaign following the company’s determination to clean up coastal and inland waterways with the introduction of the P&D Waste Rover.

Neill Walker, Group Business Development Manager, explained: “The new P&D Waste Rover will proudly carry the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup logo in support of the campaign. The P&D Waste Rover will not only collect waste from the surface including plastics, but it also captures micro-plastics and cleans chemical/oil waste from the water and can be operated by just one person. We are offering our serviced solution where one of our team visits and carries out the clean-up for you. The new P&D Waste Rover is also available to hire or purchase outright. It’s a safe, clean and green solution for any harbour, marina, river, lake or watercourse to maintain the quality of the water."

If you try to imagine the journey that a plastic bag, soft drinks can or a plastic bottle has gone through to get to the ocean, you soon realise that much of the waste that we find in our oceans originated from our rivers and waterways. That’s why we joined the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup campaign to stop waste from making its way down the river and into the oceans.

He continues: “Communities look at the environmental approach that marinas, harbours and local authorities take to maintaining a plastic-free environment and how they invest in continuing to maintain the quality of the water for birds, fish and smaller indigenous species that the food chain relies upon to maintain the ecosystem.

The environmental impact from activities within boatyards, marinas, harbours coastal and inland waterways is a real and ever-increasing problem. Every year thousands of birds, seals, fish and other wildlife die as a result of plastic litter. The huge variety of waste products that litter our waterways pose real threats to the inhabitants of our rivers and seas.

The P&D Waste Rover is available via P&D Marine Services, part of the P&D Marine Group.

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