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Looking to promote your products in China and Brazil?

Published on: 20 May 2021

Department for International Trade

British Marine is sharing the latest information regarding the overseas market in Brazil to encourage more members to consider selling their product overseas. 

The short summary, which has been compiled by the Brazilian branch of the Department for International Trade (DIT) clearly sets out the size of the leisure marine sector in the country and opportunities. 

The document outlines where the hotspots are for leisure activity, the types of vessels in high demand and the regions currently renowned for boatbuilding activity across the country. 

Advertising your products and services in China

As the UK emerges out of the current COVID-19 restrictions, British Marine will be supporting more of its members in entering international markets. 

As part of this work, British Marine has been communicating with the DIT team in China for guidance on how our members can promote their product in the country. 

The Chinese branch of DIT has been working with Boatplus (the only online brand that is focusing on showcasing boat and marine equipment in the country), which is one of the largest professional marine online platforms based in China. Companies can contact Boatplus and have their products listed on the website alongside approximately 70,000 products from 500 marine suppliers. Businesses interested in listing their products in China should read the following information on Boatplus and email Qiu Yite ( to register their interest.