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[Member News] Insurance premium savings for multihull cruisers and charter fleets with Cyclops Marine and Soak Insure

Published on: 13 May 2021

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Cyclops Marine and Soak Insure have come together to introduce an insurance premium-reducing solution. The use of Cyclops Marine’s load sensors will now give multihull owners a 10% reduced premium when they install a sensor, bringing money-saving and rig safety benefits.
Cyclops Marine has been working alongside multihull manufacturers to develop risk management technology to help owners and charterers understand when yachts are overpowered, to avoid catastrophic rig failure or worse. With the Cyclops solution, a smart link sensor is installed within the mainsheet system, and/or a smart tune on shrouds, monitoring loads with live feedback registered on a smartphone app or onboard displays, data is also logged so the user can look back at load numbers anytime. Real-time loads provide a visual cue to sailors to take action when they get close to overload, helping avoid the worst-case scenario, with the added benefit of helping them know when to reef.
Simon Tonks of Soak: “This takes onboard safety measures to new levels of sophistication and reliability. The benefits of accurately managing the rig over anything from hour-long family cruises to longer ocean crossings should not be underestimated. As manufacturers begin to install the equipment as standard, it’s logical that insurers work alongside owners to embrace the concept and reward owners with reductions in premiums.
Soak has negotiated a 10% reduction in insurance premiums for all multihull yachts which have a Cyclops Marine sensor installed. Charter companies have quickly realised the benefits of installing the equipment, managing risks and providing safer environments for their clients.
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