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[Member News] Boat tech company savvy navvy collaborates with Sunsail to enhance and aid client’s on water experience

Published on: 06 May 2021

savvy navvy for motorboats

A recent collaboration between Sunsail UK and marine tech company savvy navvy will see Sunsail skippers integrate a new boating app into their digital navigation classes.

savvy navvy is a boating app that provides a digital cross-check for traditional navigation. With a mission to make boating easy for everyone, savvy navvy provides essential marine information in one place. Features include digital chart data, tidal information, weather forecasts, depth information, GPS positioning, marina and anchorage information as well as routing.

Sunsail will also be making the savvy navvy app available to select UK flotilla clients as the charter season kicks into action in 2021.

When asked why the app is so useful for Sunsail, savvy navvy’s partnerships manager, David Cusworth, commented: “Our boating app provides a quick and easy cross-check for traditional navigation, helping charter sailors and/or sailing school students to have a ‘silent first mate’ to ensure they’ve plotted the best route, estimated the tide correctly or departed the marina in time to make their next destination.

On average we’ve found that sailors use four or more apps to plan a trip at sea. By putting all this essential information in one place, with an easy to use interface, we’re drastically reducing the intimidation factor when it comes to boating, enabling people to get out and enjoy their time on the water.”

Simon Boulding, Events Director at Sunsail, also commented: “One of the benefits to us is that our charter clients can easily plot their route, this can be particularly useful on the last day of charter to help ensure our clients arrive back for boat handover on time. At Sunsail we want to enhance the experience of chartering a yacht for all of our customers, which includes everyone from those taking RYA courses, to our more experienced Flotilla guests.”
savvy navvy helps to ensure a more convenient, less stressful charter and less likely to encounter issues and make navigation errors. As an additional navigational tool, savvy navvy can only help us reduce boat down time and any maintenance costs.
Visit to find out more about the savvy navvy app.