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The MCA releases MGN 633 Amendment 1 on the changes to the ship recycling regulations

Published on: 06 January 2021

The Maritime Coastguard Authority (MCA) has released MGN 633 Amendment 1. This Marine Guidance Note provides guidance and clarification on certain aspects of both the EU Regulation and the UK Ship Recycling Regulations.
The UK Ship Recycling Regulations 5 apply to all UK ships, excluding; 

  • Ships of less than 500 gross tonnage (GT);
  • UK ships operating throughout their life only in UK waters; and
  • Any warships, naval auxiliary, or other ships owned or operated by a state and used, for the time being, only on government non-commercial service.

The main purpose of the UK Ship Recycling Regulations is to establish the appropriate powers for survey and certification, inspection, enforcement and offences to give effect to the EU Regulation. 

At the end of the UK’s transition period with the EU, the UK Ship Recycling Regulations retain the provisions of the EU Regulation within UK Law, to ensure that the UK Ship Recycling regime remains legally operable after the New Year. The UK Ship Recycling Regulations also give effect to the Northern Ireland Protocol, which allows the EU Regulation to continue to apply to ship recycling facilities in Northern Ireland as it has effect in EU law.
This MGN (633) has been revised to provide additional information on the Ship Recycling regime from 1 January 2021 – These changes can be found in: 

  • Sections 4: Inventory of Hazardous Materials - UK ships which are 500GT or over and subject to EU Port State Control may need to carry a Statement of Compliance
  • Section 6: Ship recycling facilities – UK ships required to be recycled at facilities on the ‘United Kingdom’ List. Facilities located in Northern Ireland will be treated as EU facilities because of the Northern Ireland Protocol
  • Section 6: Ship recycling facilities – Ship recycling facilities may require UK ships to comply with the Waste Shipment Regulation and have its associated documentation in order to be recycled at such facilities
  • Section 11 - Provides contact details for relevant Competent Authorities

MGN 633 Amendment 1 can be downloaded here.