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The MCA releases a consultation on the Merchant Shipping Regulations 2021

Published on: 12 August 2021

UK maritime new regulations, IMO

The Merchant Shipping High Speed Offshore Service Craft (HSOSC) Regulations 2021 and accompanying code of practice apply to HSOSC of less than 500 grand tourer (GT), allowing no more than 60 persons to be on board subject to a vessel’s safety certification. This mirrors the International High Speed Craft Code (HSC) for vessels over 500GT.

The primary objective of the proposed regulations is to provide bespoke UK legislation to allow these vessels to carry out their operational needs within the framework of safety regulations required carrying no more than 60 persons. Secondly, these regulations support innovation and growth in the offshore energy sector and define industrial personnel, based on the development of similar standards and discussions on technical standards and regulations for “Offshore Service Vessels” at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

This consultation seeks your views on the new Statutory Instrument (SI) and code for HSOSC, providing legal underpinning to transport ‘Industrial Personnel’ to and from offshore energy installations.

Responses are welcomed from 10 August 2021 until 21 September 2021. Responses need to be completed in the consultation response form and sent to

The full consultation and all its supporting documents including the response form can be downloaded from the website here.