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[Member News] P&D Marine Services joins forces with Westford Services to improve waste disposal of filters

Published on: 29 April 2021

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P&D Marine Services Filter More Solutions

P&D Marine Services, part of the P&D Marine Group, is excited to be joined for the Seawork show in Southampton later this year subject to COVID restrictions, by Westford Services Ltd featuring the Micfil Ultra fine filters for fuel, lubrication and hydraulics. Westford Services are the UK Distributors for Micfil ultra-fine filters and have teamed up with P&D Marine Services to spread the word of the ground-breaking product that Micfil have produced. From an ecological standpoint, the impact the marina industry has on the ecosystem is at the forefront of P&D Marine Services as it is for the industry as a whole. 

James Burnell, Operation Director for P&D Marine Services, said: ‘‘Micfil offers applications from trawlers to large offshore jack-up barges, to tugs, and includes pleasure craft. Ultra-fine filtration of fuel, oils (engine/gearbox/transfer) and hydraulic fluids have many benefits and we recognised the benefit of working with Westford Services to bring this product to the visitors at the show.’’

With over fifty years of experience in and around boatyards, P&D Marine Services offer a solution for any project within boatyard, marina, or water course environments. If you need to move it, store it, lift it, P&D Marine Services have a solution. Its team is highly experienced and qualified to understand the workings of a busy boatyard, marina or harbour and it’s for this reason that P&D Marine Services are the go-to people when customers need a solution for their projects.
James added: “As with all our projects, we at P&D Marine Services look for the best solution to a problem and we recognise that waste disposal of filters is a significant issue and if there is a way to reduce the number used, whilst enhancing performance, then the Micfil filter is that solution.’’

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, P&D Marine Services offers a turnkey solution that will meet its client’s exacting requirements. With over a decade of delivering the best solutions and by carefully selecting high-quality products, combined with the very best services, P&D Marine Services provides solutions delivered by staff with extensive experience of working in the industry, both afloat and ashore. They are passionate about helping companies and individuals to develop their plans both on and off the water through its full range of products and services. 

James stated: “At P&D Marine Services, we are ‘boatyard people’ and that’s why we deliver boatyard solutions to our clients. Micfil is just one more great product in our extensive range.’’
Charles Hansard Managing Director of Westford Services, commented on the partnership for the show and beyond: ‘‘P&D Marine Services is a highly regarded partner within the marine sector and for me, I am extremely pleased that they are working with us to deliver the Micfil product to the market here in the UK.’’