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Last chance to renew your British Marine membership before the 21 September deadline!

Published on: 17 September 2020

There are a handful of members who have yet to confirm that they would like to remain within membership.

These members must confirm their intention to renew membership by 5pm on Monday 21 September, otherwise British Marine will have to cancel the membership and accompanying membership benefits. 

If you did not intend to leave membership you must confirm your intention to remain. To do so please complete this online form. 

These members will no longer have access to British Marine services and will no longer be a member of regional and group Associations. Discounts such as exhibiting at the Southampton International Boat Show will be lost (and should a business rejoin later, any accrued discount would reset to 2.5%). These members will no longer be entitled to use the British Marine logo and will need to immediately remove it from anywhere it is displayed.

The original date for renewing British Marine memberships was 1 July 2020. British Marine knows that many members have been busy focussing on the return to business and making the most of the now shortened season, therefore membership benefits have been continued up-to now and the date for confirming membership renewal was extended, the payment date was also deferred. 

British Marine wants to continue supporting businesses and providing the key services but now members who have not already done so need to confirm renewal to help us to plan ahead and allow British Marine to invest in the products, services and resources to best support members.

If you wish to speak to our Membership Services Team, please call 01784 473377.