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Call for your support to the Maritime UK Diversity Network

Published on: 03 September 2020

Maritime UK has recently announced the launch of the Diversity in Maritime programme.

The Department for Transport's Maritime 2050 People Route Map states: "The maritime workforce of the future will be diverse. New roles, new technologies and a changing image of the sector will draw in people from all backgrounds across the entire UK" and recommends we expand on the fantastic foundations laid by the Women in Maritime Network to look at diversity as a whole. 

The Diversity in Maritime programme has been launched to support this and ensure the sector has a continuous pipeline of highly skilled, diverse people.
The Diversity Networks (Pride, Mental Health, Women and BAME) are open-space communities with the intent of sharing good practice and discussing barriers faced and suggestions for change. 
For the Pride, Women and BAME networks, it is encouraged that participants identify with, or are allies to these communities. 
For the Mental Health Network, it is encouraged that individuals who join have knowledge or a passion for progressing this challenge area. 
We welcome participants from our membership to work with us, whatever your reason for participating. The networks are more about information gathering, collaborating and testing initiatives from the working groups. 
The Working Groups are smaller, focused groups who deliver initiatives (in collaboration with the networks) to help combat the barriers discussed in the network meetings. 
The minimum we ask of you as a group member in the first instance, is to attend the (currently) online meetings and with a British Marine representative, feedback your thoughts and ideas to the management team to help us pave the way forward for our own specific marine initiatives, where appropriate.
Blue Davies, Head of Training at British Marine comments:
If you would like to be part of this initiative, which does link to the British Marine National Agenda, please let me know, so we can allocate the groups accordingly. 
Contact us here: