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Scotland progresses to Phase 1 on Coronavirus Route Map

Published on: 28 May 2020

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Following this afternoon’s very welcome announcement by the Scottish Government that from tomorrow, the Coronavirus Route Map will move to Phase 1, British Marine Scotland is pleased to say that outdoor businesses, boatyard and marina operations can restart. 

This of course is subject to following the Scottish Government’s guidance, risk assessment, social distancing and health & safety procedures. Last week the Scottish Government published it`s “route map through and out of the crisis.”

This is a careful step by step approach through lifting the restrictions covering Scotland’s people and workplaces.  Businesses should take care in properly preparing places of work and informing staff and customers on the new guidelines and health and safety procedures to be adhered to.

British Marine Scotland is also delighted to say that the move to Phase 1 also offers easing of restrictions over outdoor exercise and activity, including on water activities and boating.  There are limits and guidance attached to this and British Marine Scotland support RYA Scotland’s general guidance for boating activity for Phase 1, which we will forward to members soon.

It is particularly important at this time that we be considerate of others, stay within our abilities and be sure that we don’t place extra strain on emergency services and the RNLI.

As we move forward, this will be a phased, step-by-step process slowly extending the range of activities and travel, both for marine businesses and boat owners and users. It will be important for businesses to keep staff, customers and local communities informed as restrictions are eased and plans are made for when further services/facilities might be able to resume.  Customers may also need some time to prepare for a return to boating and businesses should remind their customers to exercise caution and common sense and to thoroughly check their boats, machinery, fuel and safety gear before venturing onto the water.

Throughout this crisis, British Marine Scotland has liaised closely with RYA Scotland to ensure a consistent message to businesses and boating communities and we have valued input from members to guide our discussions, activity and lobbying on behalf of the sector.

The Scottish Government is providing information and guidance to businesses and British Marine and The Yacht Harbour Association are also working to help members prepare to return to operating. 

British Marine has made coronavirus-related issues its top priority since the pandemic first hit, and it is working to prepare members and their business for successful emergence from COVID-19 lockdown. Further information on this is available on the British Marine microsite. More marina specific guidance is available on the British Marine website and on the TYHA website. As the Scottish Government allows progress through the route map, please continue to check for updated information.

British Marine and British Marine Scotland welcome these first steps towards getting back to business, getting back afloat and the return to enjoying Scotland’s stunning waters.