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Looking at business opportunities through tender systems? Make sure you read the new British Marine guidance document on tendering

Published on: 05 March 2020

A lot of new business must go through the tender system, whether this is Government purchases or new business backed by financial grants or simply businesses trying to get several quotes and find the best or most suitable company to purchase from.

There is a huge amount of business to be found through the tendering process. If you are just starting out and looking to gain business through tenders, the whole process from finding the tenders to preparing the document can seem quite daunting. To help with this, British Marine has created a new guidance document on Finding, Applying and Writing Tenders.

The guidance document is split into two parts. Part 1 gives guidance on where to find available tenders and Part 2 gives guidance on how to start the tender process and the process most tenders follow. This document gives general guidance on the tender process and aims to give businesses just beginning to bid for tenders a better understanding of where to find the tenders and how to prepare for the process.

The guidance document can be downloaded by British Marine members here.