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New HSE COVID-19 operational guidance

Published on: 08 June 2020

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and British Standards Institution (BSI) have released new guidance on COVID-19 working safety. 

The guidance should be used in support of the industry guidance that has been created and released by British Marine over the last few weeks.

Working safely guidance for factories, plants and warehouses

BEIS has published guidance and a recorded webinar on how to make these workplaces COVID-19 secure.

HSE has published guidance on carrying out legal requirements for thorough examination and testing (TE&T) of plant and equipment. This is as a result of additional precautions people need to take to help reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19. You can find the guidance here.

Protecting home workers

With many people working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, it is crucial that employers protect them.

Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as for any other workers.

When someone is working from home, permanently or temporarily, employers must consider a number of factors, including: 

Institute of Directors (IOD) and HSE produce ‘Leading health and safety at work’ leaflet

It is now more important than ever that businesses take a proactive and planned approach to risk management so their businesses can continue to operate during the COVID-19  outbreak. Ensuring your business is COVID-secure is essential to keeping your workers and customers safe. The IoD and HSE’s leaflet sets out the principles to help leaders across all industries use a ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ approach to keep their workplaces safe. 

Available as a free download, or alternatively to purchase as a hard copy, the leaflet is for use by all directors, governors, trustees, officers and their equivalents in the private, public and third sector. 

HSE has also produced the following guides, to keep workers COVID-secure during the outbreak and help you manage the risk from coronavirus in your business:

Working safely during the coronavirus outbreak - a short guide - This guide covers who should work, protecting those at higher risk, getting into and leaving work, organising work areas, and good hygiene

Talking with your workers about working safely during the coronavirus outbreak  - Guidance on consulting your workers and measures to prevent coronavirus in your workplace, making it COVID-secure

New guidance on safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic from BSI - Latest information on safe working during the pandemic

Building on formal guidance issued by the UK Government, BSI has developed a guidance document to assist organisations as they adjust the way they work, to protect workers and other people in their workplace from the ongoing risks related to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

The guidance documents can all be downloaded here.

For members wishing to stay up-to-date with the latest developments on COVID-19, please visit our dedicated Coronavirus Hub.