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Changes to the Domestic Solid Fuels Standards set out by UK Government

Published on: 28 July 2020

The UK Government has published a draft Statutory Instrument which is designed, once implemented, to restrict the sale of some types of solid fuels which are used for domestic purposes. The purpose is to improve air quality and prevent the release of harmful air pollutants. 

The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020 sets out proposals to restrict the sale of some fuel types and requires local authorities to take enforcement action if required. 

The instrument introduces restrictions on the sale of wet wood for domestic burning, limits on the emission of sulphur and smoke from manufactured solid fuels and phases out the sale of bituminous coal. The UK Government is not banning stoves or open fireplaces – it is instead shifting people from more polluting to less polluting fuels. 

The changes are due to come into effect in May 2021. 

British Marine members can find out more by reading the draft Explanatory Memorandum. Our members should also note that the changes only apply to England.  

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