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British Marine members come together to help protect and sustain marine environments

Published on: 30 July 2020

British Marine members come together to help protect and sustain marine environments

British Marine members Sunseeker International and Wave International are working together to ensure Sunseeker boat owners enjoy the finest quality fresh water on board whilst protecting and sustaining the marine environment through a range of filter systems now being fitted on all its new build boats.

Every model of Sunseeker is being offered with a range of filter systems from Wave International either as standard or, on the smaller models, as an option. The majority are fitted with the Flostream HiFlo10 Drinking Water Filters to galleys and wetbars and the standard Flostream unit to icemakers.  All boats (exc. superyachts) built to the CE standard feature Wavestream System 2 bilge filter systems.

The Wave International onboard filter systems ensure a high quality clean, bacteria-free fresh water on board and also ensure that no oil, dirty water, chemicals, micro-plastics and other contaminants that end up in bilge water get inadvertently put into the seas or waterways. 

Sunseeker has chosen to fit Wave International’s filters on its new build craft, demonstrating its commitment to protecting the environment. Sunseeker worked closely with Wave’s UK distributor Halyard (M&I) Ltd to build the filters into its production models. In addition to all of Sunseeker’s new boats being available with the Wave filters, existing boat owners are able to have Wave filter systems retrofitted giving them the chance to protect themselves as well as the environment.

James Scott-Anderson, Senior Technical Executive at British Marine, says; “This is a great example of British Marine members collaborating through products and technology to make a positive reduction on environmental impact.”

British Marine members are taking the lead in many areas to help the recreational boating sector minimise its environmental impacts. Explore The Green Blue Business Directory for further products and services  that have been designed and developed to help individual boat owners, clubs, centres, businesses and other boating organisations become more environmentally sustainable.