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Take part in the future of the 24m marine sector with British Marine’s Technology and Innovation roadmap

Published on: 23 January 2020

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As part of its focus on Technology and Innovation in the marine sector, British Marine will be developing a Technology and Innovation Roadmap for the under 24m marine sector with the support of Innovate UK.

The sector is operating within a rapidly changing environment, embracing new and emerging technologies is vital to meet changing customer expectations and Government regulations and to ensure global competitiveness.

The objective of the project will be to:

  • Provide Government and industry a single, validated source of information on the key challenges and innovation priorities within the UK under 24m marine sector
  • Identify to innovators and the supply chain where there are potential market opportunities within the UK under 24m marine sector
  • Provide funders and potential applicants with an evidence base for demonstrating the areas of the UK under 24m marine sector that have a demand for innovation

The roadmap will be analysing the current areas of innovation not only within the marine industry but also from other industries where there is an opportunity for technology transfer and will build on the current work being undertaken by the futures project, analysing current users and the consumer changes that will influence vessel design and usage over the coming years.

The first stage of the roadmap project consists of an online survey available here.

The survey responses will inform two roadmap workshops, that will be taking place during March. If you would like to take part in the workshops please complete the survey and fill in the final section with your contact details.

For any questions on how British Marine processes and stores your data, please consult our privacy policy. For requests regarding accessing, managing, editing or deleting the data British Marine collects on you through this or any other survey, please contact us at