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Motorsports to Marine

Published on: 16 January 2020

Ross MIA event

Last week British Marine sent a delegation to the Motorsports Industry Association (MIA) Energy-Efficient Motorsport Conference to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

The event brought together over 200 leading figures from industry and government organisations spanning motorsports, high-performance engineering, automotive and other sectors to discuss current and future technology development and explore opportunities for business growth.

A marine panel discussion was held with industry representatives to highlight the challenges and opportunities of forthcoming Clean Air Government initiatives.

Paul Holland of Energy Solutions Ltd, Jamie Marley from Marine Electrification Solutions Ltd and David Etherington-Smith of EP Barrus joined Ross Wombwell, Head of Technical at British Marine, in a healthy panel discussion on the current position of alternative propulsion systems within the marine industry and the technical solutions currently being developed.

A question and answer session took place in which the audience’s questions were answered about the industry and its opportunities for collaboration.

The following day, a ‘marine to motorsports’ workshop was held at the Autosports International Show in which 30 motorsports companies were given presentations on collaborative opportunities and marine industry capability.

This event marked the conclusion of the three event series between the MIA and British Marine for 2019/20. Following the great success of the events hosted last year, discussions are now taking place to continue the collaboration into 2020 with new events to be announced shortly.