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Sign up: Biofouling webinar for yachts, marinas and harbours

Published on: 13 February 2020

Biofouling and invasion of non-native species has been a priority for the environmental authorities as there has been an increase in the number and type of species arriving and spreading across the UK.

British Marine has been working closely with Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) on finding solutions for the recreational marine industry. British Marine drafted amendments to in water cleaning of vessels and is sits on the steering group which is preparing national plans to tackle the problem.

The webinar will cover key areas and concerns which are relevant to all waterside sectors of the marine industry. It will focus on the challenges of biofouling and biosecurity for the seas and oceans.

We all need to be aware of this issue and contribute towards a collective solution. Our marine environment is the basis which our businesses depend on it needs to be protected for a successful future.

To register for the webinar click here.